About Nafethah

Proceeding from the keenness of the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia , represented by the ministries and sectors of government to provide the latest and the most suitable electronic services to its citizens and its residents , the Interior Ministry would be happy to add to the bouquet of these electronic services portal . This gate will indeed be a real window of communication between the prisoner or detainee or the beneficiary in detention centers and their loved ones abroad , to serve as a window overlooking the parents and relatives on the suspended them and communicate with him by all means available and the services provided by the Ministry of Interior . This portal will work to transform traditional services to modern electronic services , shorten the time and effort with the detainees , and be appropriate to their needs , wherever they are and whatever the distance is far from detention centers.


Believing in the importance of using modern technology and activated in the services provided, we offer a range of new services and advanced:

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Because of the importance attached by the Saudi Ministry of Interior to serve the detainees and their families and keen to sustain communication between the league suspended
Service continues
As for communication between the detainee and his family and the importance of a positive impact on the detainee and his family, has been working to provide communication between the detainee and stakeholders across multiple media
Counseling Center
The Centre is an educational correctional institution concerned with the development of cognitive and behavioral skills through a variety of programs on which the elite of the owners of science and experience