Free at Al Ha'ir prison "Kolalwatn" refutes the lies and rumors

Kolalwatn Newspaper – Hidaya Darwish:

Many stories are told about torture tools, cellars, dark cells with no access to air nor sunlight in the GID prisons, and in the absence of confirmation or denial, gossips go on, more suspicions and rumors spread among citizens in general, and through some media channels in particular, that the GID has something to hide, until our visit within the media delegation to " Al Ha'ir" prison. This visit put us in front of the facts.

In a visit to Ha'ir prison and at the first glance, even before we entered into the building, the scene seemed different from what is engraved in our memory, the entrance, the halls and the corridors are far from being of a prison.

Today, there is no longer, a barrier for us to see the truth and to become the media arm that works hand in hand with the security forces to keep us safe and secure. We say to everyone, inside and outside the kingdom, that our country is safe and will remain so, God willing.  The perfidious, the spiteful and the vandals will not ruin our lives nor our homeland, we loudly say to them that the kingdom has lions who lookout for them


Before the tour, we had a meeting with GID prison manager, Colonel "Mohammed bin Ali" who answered all our questions and when our questions became more difficult, he replied: "The scene is all yours"


Statistics and Numbers

The GID showed us a movie recorded by radicals outside the kingdom, where they threaten the security of the country and the citizens and then another movie is played to show the efforts of the security officers who carry out proactive operations and confrontations with some of these radicals. The Statistics included the number of detainees from 1431H until the end of 1435 H which is as follows:

The year 1431 H: Number of detainees is 5501

Detainees discharged: 499

The year 1432 H: Number of detainees is 4821

Detainees discharged: 1953

The year 1433 H: Number of detainees is 2815

Detainees discharged: 219

The year 1434 H: Number of detainees is 2289

Detainees discharged: 1311

The year 1434 H: Number of detainees is 3069

The relapse ratio after discharge reached 12%, which is considered acceptable, in accordance with the GID estimates.

The Doors are no longer closed

Across the corridors, sectors and sections of "Al-Ha'ir" building, and over 9 hours, we had few poses.

There were no orders or alerts. All doors were opened for us. We spoke with representatives from "Bureau of Investigation and Prosecution", "Human Rights Commission", "Social Security", and "National Society for Human Rights". We also visited monitoring and control rooms, support services rooms, the hospital, inpatient section, the pharmacy, the gyms, the public library, inmate's dormitories, wards and other sections.

"Action and reaction" scenes

While we were visiting some sections, a number of detainees obstructed us and spoke loudly and daringly to the prison director and a number of officers who escorted us. We were showered with accusations and insults from one of detainees (A.S), he used a threatening tone that shows the determination of radicalization and all of the insults were contained wisely by the prison manager and the rest of the officers. We tried to ask one of the detainees a question, he rejected to talk to females, one of them said that the government forced him to study curriculums which he refuses and he said that this government is a disbeliever and a client to America

In another section of the building, we met with a number of detainees, one of them, presented his case, he was an academic who teaches at one of the public universities, he collected money for jihad against the Zionists on the occupied lands, without a government permission and sent it directly to the fighters, or the so-called "Mujahedeen.


We entered the room of another detainee, called the "Artist", we posed in front of his paintings, he painted King Abdullah, king Salman, Prince Muqren and Prince Mohammad Bin Nayef. He also wrote a pledge to King Salman, Prince Muqren and Prince Mohammad Bin Nayef. The prison management provides him with all what he needs to paint.

Some detainees had complaints about the long waiting period for sentencing by judges and at the Court of Cassation, they didn't complain about the medical treatment, food or mistreatment by the prison manager, officer, soldier or guard. All of the above proved to us that all rumors we have heard were lies to discredit the GID and their employees and to spread fear and anxiety among people.

Yes I made a mistake ... my teacher deceived me!

While crossing one of the dormitories, we met a young quiet and shy detainee (B.M) who presented his case in a low voice: "I was 19 years old with no experience, I joined Quran memorization courses where I was deceived by one of the teachers, who told me stories about Jihad and how we are obliged by Islam to help Jihadists, in all means. I was convince and went with him to the rest house where "Mujahedeen" resides, then GID raided the place".

B.M added: " I was sentenced to 16 years from which I finished 12 years. The prison management provided me with the opportunity to complete my studies and I graduated from college of Commerce. Now, I am studying a diploma in the Scientific Institute and memorizing Quran. I hope to get out of prison soon to go back to my family and become a productive citizen in the society after completing my sentence".

Our tour included visiting the central hospital where we inspected its equipment, readiness to receive patients around the clock, inpatient rooms. The doctors and nurses use highest level of hygiene standards and follow-up procedures.

The solitary confinement section is a room containing all necessary supplies, TV, toilet and light.

The family house… a hotel service.

Our tour included passing by a building called the "family house", which was opened 8 months ago. It has 17 different suites with magnetic access cards as those used in hotels, Saudi female workers serve in the hotel and the suites vary in size according to detainee's family. The suite is used as a reward for the prisoner who demonstrates an improvement in his thinking and behavior. Detainees can invite their parents, spouses or relatives to stay in the hotel for a maximum of 72 hours. Since its opening eight months ago, a total of 51 ideal detainees (male and female) benefited from the "family house" and its services including a food menu, a garden and a game hall for detainees' children, during the last 10 months up till now 20 detainees benefited from the family house.