Investigation Prison in Dammam Holds Marriage Ceremony to one of the Inmates

Last Sunday corresponding to 25/1/1437H, management of the General Investigations Prison in the City of Dammam held marriage ceremony for one of the security issues' inmates; where management of the prison provided all arrangements for the ceremony in the presence of families of both the bride and the groom. Further, all banquets, food and hospitality were provided and all necessary for the ceremony, in addition to preparation of a hall with special decorations for the marriage ceremony.

Earlier, management of the prison initiated preparation of the private visit section in a wing which includes two rooms; one as bedroom and the other living and dining room. All halls of the ceremony were prepared (male / female reception, dining halls) as suitable for the event.

During the ceremony day, guests of both the bride and the groom began to arrive to the ceremony hall at 4:00 pm, until number of attendees completed reaching up to 54 persons of men, women and children. 

Mohammad Bin Naif Counseling and Care Center represented by the counseling division in the prison by members of the counseling committee (Sharia member and sociologist) participate in the marriage ceremony; further, member of the Human Rights Bureau in the region was among attendees.

Gift of His Royal Highness Crown Prince, Deputy Council of Ministers and Minister of Interior (may Allah protect him) was presented to husband by manager of the prison on his Royal highness behalf, in addition to a gift to the bride from management of the prison consisting of a gold set.

Ceremony program included speech of member of the Counseling Committee to the groom and attendees. Further, father of the wife (uncle of the inmate) expressed his thanks and appreciation to the Custodian of the Two Holly Mosques, Crown Prince and Crown-Crown Prince (may Allah protect them) as well as management of the prison for efforts exerted to complete the ceremony, during his speech. One of the attendees concluded with a speech of thanks and appreciation for the hospitality and welcome they received.  

At 11:00 pm, all attendees left the department with the same hospitality and welcome they were received with.